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You can give a one time donation or become a financial supporter of Wisdom and Grace Christian School in Guatemala by choosing one of the secure donation options below.

Imagine 1000 Fund: Help Build a School

We have a great vision and plan to build a school for 1000 children in Guatemala. This new facility will allow us to reach more children and families in Guatemala with a solid Christian education. Your one-time or recurring donation will get us one step closer to making this new school a reality. If we all do something, we can reach our goal together!

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Sponsor a Child

For only $60 per month you can change the future of a child living in poverty and make an eternal impact on their life by helping to partner with their family! Your monthly donation will provide a solid Christian education for a Guatemalan child in need. Create a lasting personal relationship with the family through letters, photos, prayer and personal visits. Use the "Donate with Card or Virtual Check" button if you wish to donate without using Paypal.

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