About Wisdom and Grace

Colegio Cristiano Saber y Gracia (Wisdom and Grace Christian School) is located in the rural farming community of Santo Tomás Milpas Altas, Guatemala, Central America.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision
Create an educational system that promotes physical and spiritual excellence that prepares the student for this life and for eternity.
Our Mission
Provide holistic education based on the Word of God while taking into consideration the needs of the spirit, soul and body.
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Wisdom & Grace provides resources and connections to help impoverished communities in Guatemala break the cycle of poverty.
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Our history

The school was founded in 1986 and today educates 300 students in Pre Kindergarten through 12th Grade. The school is directed by Rudi Pineda, who was born and raised in Santo Tomas and has a heart to bring transformation to Guatemala through Christian Education.
The families in the village of Santo Tomás Milpas Altas have many physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Many families have suffered for years due to generational curses of alcoholism, abuse, infidelity, idolatry and lack of a solid father figure in the home.
Wisdom and Grace Christian School ministers to the whole family to bring restoration and transformation through the Word of God. We are able to reach entire families for Jesus Christ by educating their children and sharing the love of their Heavenly Father with them. This transformation through Christian education will impact the family, community, Guatemala and the World.
Father God has a plan for every child and family and our goal is to see them break the cycle of poverty they were born into and move into a new season through. The central theme that is woven into all we do at Wisdom and Grace Christian School is understanding our true identity as children of God, experiencing the great love of our Abba Father, and understanding the plan and purpose He has has for each one.

Child Sponsorship

Wisdom and Grace reaches out to the surrounding rural communities and accepts children into our student sponsorship program who are in extreme need. We don’t want to simply give away money but rather create a partnership that will help the family move forward. The students are accepted into the program based on one or more of the following factors: the high number of children living in the home, children of single mothers, the low economic status of the family, and/or children living in crisis that have been abandoned or orphaned.
We are in need of sponsors to bring hope to these families. For only $720 a year or $60 per month you can change the future of a child living in poverty and make an eternal impact on their life by helping to partner with their a family! Your yearly or monthly donation will provide a solid Christian education for a Guatemalan child in need. We encourage you to create a lasting personal relationship with the family through letters, photos, prayer and personal visits.
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